Animal control hunting for escaped zebras in Maryland

Animal control officials in a Maryland county said they are trying to locate three zebras that have been on the loose for several days.

Prince George’s County Animal Control chief Rodney Taylor said the zebras have been repeatedly sighted in the Upper Marlboro area of Prince George’s County after escaping from a farm at which several other zebras live.

Upper Marlboro resident Davon Bennett said he spotted the three striped equines outside his home early Wednesday.

Neighbor Layla Curling captured video of the zebras behind her house on Thursday, the same day the animals are believed to have escaped.

“I thought it was a deer for a second and then I saw it was a zebra — a whole zebra right next to our playground right next to the fence,” Curling told WRC-TV.

“So, I ran upstairs to get a better look up there and then I said, ‘Mom, there’s a zebra outside our playground, and she didn’t believe me and said I was crazy.”