Lost dog reunited with owner after taking solo ride on city bus

A lost dog in England was reunited with his owner after climbing aboard a city bus, where passengers soon realized the canine was riding solo.

Passengers aboard a Plymouth CityBus on Tuesday said the dog followed a human passenger onto the vehicle, and it was a short time later when they discovered the human was not accompanying the canine.

Concerned riders posted pictures of the dog to social media in the hopes of finding his owner, and an administrator on the “Plymouth (UK) pets lost & found” group later confirmed the dog had been reunited with his family.

Plymouth CityBus shared the story of the dog, named Patch, on its Facebook page.

“We get some odd things in lost property, but today was a particularly odd tail,” the post said. “After passengers noticed he hadn’t brought his human with him, he spent some time at our Royal Parade Travel Center before being reunited with his owner and taken back to fur-miliar surroundings.”